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    An Unofficial Welcome from 1/12 of Your Glorious Leader!


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    An Unofficial Welcome from 1/12 of Your Glorious Leader!

    Post  Vynora on Wed Jan 19, 2011 8:38 pm

    Hi guys this is Vynora/Vynlane, and I wanted to welcome everyone to the guild forums, and in some cases the guild. I think everyone will have read the forum rules, or another forums rules at some point (they are generally pretty similar) but to be sure:

    1) Be courteous. We dont need constructive threads ruined because you didn't think before you talked and offended someone
    2) Do not post inflamatory topics. this goes back to the first point, but we don't need someone who's unhappy with the guild or the forums making a "Why Vynora sucks" thread. take it somewhere else.
    3) Enjoy Yourself Very Happy
    as far as i know there are no real off limit topics so if you have any questions, just wanna talk, do whatever, have fun!

    A final note, and this is something a Teacher once told me about what to do and not to do, paraphrased:

    "If it takes you more than 3 seconds to decide, you probably shouldn't do it."

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